Colleen O.

I already had my own thriving therapy practice – but I was playing small, and slowly but surely getting tired. I KNEW I could show up much bigger in my work, for my clients, and in my HOW!  (Christine teaches this concept of the HOW.) I knew it was time. I was ready.

Using what I learned from Christine, I not only increased my income by $16K per year INSTANTLY – but my practice is now ALWAYS full!

Then, I’m expanded my services to include an entirely new program called Power Your Parenting™ – based on what I am most passionate about – mother/daughter relationships during the teenage years.

Christine helped me get clear and actually CREATE an amazing direction (and new income stream) that I never saw coming!

I went on to write a book based on the Power Your Parenting program — and am now a best-selling author, a national speaker – and still love working in my therapy practice! I’m playing big in every way!

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